Azvi begins work on foundations for new terminal at Balmaceda Airport in Chile

Azvi has started work on the foundations for the new passenger terminal at Balmaceda Airport in Chile.

121 8-metre long and 120 and 150 cm diameter piles are being installed across an area of 6,700 m2. These will support the reinforced concrete structure of the building, which will have a total surface area of 12,360 m2 on two levels.

This project is part of Cointer’s concession contract to operate, develop and maintain the infrastructure, equipment and facilities of the Austral Airport Network, which includes the Balmaceda Aerodrome and the Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Airport, for a period of 32 years, with an investment of 140 million euros.

Let us introduce you to the construction team. Their dedication and hard work are essential to turn this ambitious project into a reality:

Alejandro Alvarez Núñez Hernán, Fernando Francisco Antonio Andrades Aravena, Claudio Froilán Celis Vega, Sergio Enrique Chandia Labrin, Carlos Mauricio Díaz Díaz, Maximiliano Antonio Ibáñez Carvajal, Hansen Sven Kruuse Crauchuk, Óscar Leonel Luarte Espinosa, Juan Carlos Manzano Reyes, Jessica Liliana Martínez Ahumada, Darwin Enrique Navarro Lorca, Guillermo Andrés Novoa Toloza, Andrej Fabian Peric Avendaño, Genoveva Jemima Puchi Castro, Emilia Del Pilar Rivera Fernández, Sandra Delmira Rosas Catalán, Claudio Alejandro Sandoval Jaramillo, Jesica Roxana Vidal Cares and  Javiera Andrea Martínez Vásquez.

Great work! Great team!

Photos: Grupo Azvi.