The Humanitas Bilingual Schools, in which Cointer holds a stake, granted the EFQM 400+ European Seal of Excellence


The Humanitas Bilingual Schools in Tres Cantos and Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, have obtained the EFQM 400+ European Seal of Excellence issued by the CEG, after successfully completing the external appraisal carried out by Bureau Veritas.

This acknowledgement signifies a major challenge for the organisation, as already in its five-year history it has been able to achieve two EFQM European Seals of Excellence: the previous (300+) in February 2014. And above, thanks to the motivation, drive and efforts of all of the people who form the organization.

The Head of Acknowledgement at the Excellence Club’s Management, Susana Fábregas, and the Head of Bureau Veritas Certification in Spain and Portugal, Mónica Botas, have awarded the Heads of both schools, Vicente Mangas Luque (HBS Torrejón de Ardoz) and Pilar González (HBS Tres Cantos), along with the quality standards teams and the entire organisation the EFQM 400+ European Seal of Excellence in an event held in the schools and which was also attended by the mayors of the respective localities along with other figures of authority.

Amongst its strong points, the document highlights the commitment undertaken by HBS in terms of the definition, implantation and accomplishment of its strategic aims; as well as the excellent working environment, which fosters commitment and autonomy. In this point, the evaluators underlined the drive and implication that the HBS team shows in its work on a daily basis.

To achieve this award, all of the areas in which HBS is involved have made strides towards constant and on-going improvement, through the continuous review of its professional activities and the design and implantation of new projects and initiatives. All of the foregoing with the aim of gaining efficiency and client satisfaction, whether these be internal or external, along with other interest groups.

Humanitas Bilingual School

Humanitas Bilingual School is an organisation composed of two educational centres, inspired by the humanist teaching philosophy, privately funded and state-sponsored, which proposes an open bilingual project with the aim of training future European citizens.

The co-ownership is shared between Proyectos Educativos Sierra Norte, S.A. and Humanitas Bilingual School, S.L. (Humanitas Tres Cantos) and  Proyectos Educativos Soto de Henares, S.A. and Humanitas Bilingual School Torrejón, S.L. (Humanitas de Torrejón de Ardoz).

The Azvi Groups participates, through Cointer, in both management companies of the Humanitas Bilingual Schools.