Corporate responsibility

Cointer considers corporate responsibility to be a critical part of its strategy, voluntarily incorporated into the management of its activities and in the needs, expectations and requirements of stakeholders, combining the improvement of financial results with legal obligations, social policy and sustainable growth.




Quality and Environment

The development and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System is a strategic objective at Cointer. It is extended to all of Cointer activities as a means to continue growing and consolidating the organisation among the most important companies in the sector.

Cointer promotes the development of Quality Management Systems in conformance with the ISO 9001 standard, both in Spain and in its international activities.

Business growth compatible with sustainable development is one of Grupo Azvi main commitments.

Respect for the environment is an essential component in the development of all Cointer activities. We believe in promoting and improving the participation and environmental awareness of all the personnel in the organisation. Cointer promotes the development of Environmental Management System in conformance with the ISO 14001 standard,  both in Spain and in its international activities.

Quality Management System and Environmental Management System applies to:

  • Tendering and development of infrastructure projects and service management contracts: Feasibility Studies
  • Tendering; Technical Assistance; Business Monitoring. The service delivery of the solid urban waste collection, road clearing and beach maintenance.
  • Parks and gardens, playgrounds, green zones and trees maintenance and conservation services.
  • Cleaning of building services.




For Cointer Research, Development and Innovation are strategic factors integrated into its corporate culture as values which guarantee the organization’s survival and therefore continue building a future company capable of facing the new challenges that arise in an increasingly globalized market.

All projects are developed based on three fundamental pillars: Increase of competitiveness through commitment to technology and productivity; Respect for the environment; Occupational health and safety in all projects.





Health and Safety

Cointer is a company committed to health and safety. Cointer ensures its employees work in a safe environment, that all measures are taken to reduce workplace risk, and that it respects all labour norms in whatever location the business has operations.