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This legal notice contains all the conditions of use which regulate access, navigation and use of this website.

Just accessing this website, filling out forms, sending information requests, complaints, curriculum vitae and in general, all acts of a similar nature to those carried out through the filling out of forms and/or through email addresses published on the website will imply the acceptance with no reserves of each and every one of the rules found in this legal notice and will be taken as consideration on the part of the WebSite User. You must therefore read and understand the content of this legal notice.


 When it is required that the User registers or provides personal data (in order to access services, request information, make consultations, complaints or contract request, sending curriculum vitae), the treatment of personal data will be carried out complying with the requirements set out in the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de Protección de Datos (Spanish Data Protection Act).

In any case, these Personal Data shall be registered in a file of COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L., duly registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, for the following purposes:

  • Manage the relationship with users who provide their personal data through the Web Site.
  • Manage the possible job applications received in the section Human Resources and manage the recruitment procedure.
  • Solve any doubts and any queries.

No personal data is collected through the COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. website of without their consent, nor is it passed to third parties.

The Entity also informs you that your Personal data, in case it was needed, could be disclosed to the companies of the Grupo Azvi to fulfill the same purpose informed.

Furthermore, the user authorizes COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. to use the e-mail or telephone as a communication media and the User authorizes that the information provided is true, currently accurate, complete and expressly the User consents to the use, processing and communication of the same for the mentioned purposes.

If data of a third party is given, they must be informed of the terms and conditions included in this section.

According to the applicable law, it is communicated to the users of this web page that they may exercise the rights to access, rectification, erasure, and objection of the personal data sent to COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L.

The aforementioned right may be exercised by sending the form available on the web page of the Spanish Data Protection Agency to the address of COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. indicated above, by email or by ordinary mail. The period to reply to your requirement is seven labor days from the day following the day of reception of the form. In the response shall be communicated to you the actions taken to protect your personal data.



COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. owns all of the Industrial and Intellectual property rights on this website, which affect everything including source code as well as images, sound, video, software, text, brands, logos, color combinations, layout and graphic design, accessibilty, use, etc.

By virtue thereof, reproduction, distribution, communication and transformation of the contents of this website is strictly prohibited without the express authorization of COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L.

Should a User believe that any of the content on this page infringes on their intellectual and/or industrial property rights, it should be communicated in writing to COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. at the aforementioned addresses along with a statement of veracity. In any case, the legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights by third parties is their sole responsibility.


The duration of the service of the web page is indefinite.

However, COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. reserves the right to modify, delete or add contents, the configuration of the web pages and/or its use conditions, as well or limit or suspend the access to the web site.


In no event will COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. provide any guarantee or assume liability for any damages or loss arising from the following circumstances:

  • The existence of errors in information provided on the webpage.
  • The inability to access the webpage or any of its contents.
  • The transmission of viruses or malicious or harmful programs which web security measures could have saved.
  • Third party use of information included on the website.
  • Illegal and malicious use of the website.
  • The quality and legality of the products and/or services provided by third parties and put at the disposition of the website Users.
  • The loss or damages caused to him/herself or a third party as a result of a person breaching the conditions, terms of use or instructions given by the Entity on the WebSite o through the infringement of the WebSite’s security measures
  • Whatever other damages which could be caused by motives pertaining to the WebSite not functioning or to the defective functioning of the WebSite or other website with which links could not be established.


The establishment of links and hyperlinks to this Website without the express prior consent of COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. is strictly forbidden. In the case of authorization being granted, the existence of the link or hyperlink does not constitute any contractual agreement or endorsement of any kind between the third party and COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. or any of the companies of which mention is made either directly or indirectly on the website.

In the case of a link or hyperlink set up, COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. is not responsible for the content of webpages in which the hyperlink has been established.

Links or hyperlinks used on this website are presented for informative purposes only, and should under no circumstances be considered suggestions, recommendations or endorsements of the content, owners or products included in the externally linked website.


By accepting these General Terms, the User agrees to:

  • Use the website for lawful purposes only and in a manner that does not infringe the rights of or restrict or inhibit the use and enjoyment of the Site by any third party
  • Not introduce applications, virus, applets, Active controls or any other type of device which may affect the correct function of the website.
  • Make appropriate use of the website so that it in no way damages the interests, commercial image, or activities of COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. or any of the companies of which mention is made either directly or via links on this website.
  • Not make use of the services on this website for activities of an unlawful nature or against public order.
  • Respect the Industrial and Intellectual property rights of COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. or any other company referenced on this website. Permission is given exclusively for copying, storage or printing of any of the contents on this website for private and personal purposes only.
  • Refrain from the infringement of the prohibition of transformation, distribution, communication, availability or commercial exploitation of information included on the website. To fulfil this responsibility, the User will not make any attempt to modify the security systems installed on the website.
  • Not introduce deep-links to the website, nor create browsers or border environments. In the case that COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L. authorizes the existence of a hyperlink or link, this shall not contain any trademarks, commercial names, company logo, establishment name, slogan or other distinguishing signs belonging to COINTER CONCESIONES, S.L.

The Entity may refuse access to the WebSite to any User who undertakes any of the actions referred to above.


The present legal notice is governed by Spanish Law. The resolution of any dispute between the owner of the webpage and the user which could arise in connection to the use of the web page shall be resolved by the competent court in Seville, Spain. Both parties waive expressly any other jurisdiction that may be competent.